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Since 1826, Val Saint Lambert has been creating a rich heritage, manufacturing crystal of unrivalled quality. Our knowledge and passion for the craft shines through in the timeless elegance that transforms homes and palaces into magical spaces.

Val Saint Lambert is an essential part of our cultural and industrial heritage, and everything we create has the 'Made in Belgium' label.

It is a privilege to be able to pass on this centuries-old tradition of elegance and style to future generations.

Today, Val Saint Lambert remains true to its identity by continuing to combine traditional craftsmanship and expertise. Our in-house artisans, and other well-known designers, are regularly invited to combine their contemporary designs with our expertise, in order to create true works of art.

For the future, Val Saint Lambert is building a younger, fresher image. In terms of design, this means that more contemporary creations will be added to the traditional collections, so they can cater to the interiors of tomorrow.

Our aim is to continue manufacturing stunning, beautiful crystal using traditional Belgian craftsmanship, enriched with a touch of modernity.