Only a glassware professional knows how to get crystal to capture the light in just the right way.

For more than 200 years, our master glass blowers and cutters have been creating and shaping unique pieces in pure crystal on a daily basis.

How is our crystal made?

Crystal is a material known for its clarity and brilliance, and can be distinguished by the purity of its compounds, its refractive quality and its thickness.

It is generally composed of three parts silica (in the form of ultra-white sand), a minimum of two parts lead, which gives it its clarity and sparkle, one part potash, and a certain amount of cullet (broken clear crystal) that helps it to melt.

The melting process:

It all starts when the molten crystal is placed in the 1,400°C furnace. 

The furnace itself is made by expert potters using clay, so more in keeping with artisanal methods than industrial ones.

There shouldn’t be any cracks in the furnace chamber, as the melting process needs to take place under the best possible conditions.

These furnaces are not used for long, and after a few weeks they are replaced with new ones.

The crystal can then be worked between 24 and 48 hours after it comes out.