Cold workshop

The cold glass workshop: The decorative work of the master cutters.

Step 1: cutting

After the crystal has been through the cooling chamber, it then goes into the hands of the glass cutter. The cutter draws the pattern onto the piece, then cuts into the surface of the glass.

Each type of cut creates a specific motif, such as bevels, teardrops, panels, and the iconic diamond cut.

Step 2: polishing

Cutting the surface makes it look matt and frosted, so it then needs to be repolished to give it its dazzling quality.

Step 3: quality control and engraving

This involves a meticulous visual inspection to identify any pieces that don't meet the rigorous quality criteria set by the glassworks. 

The final step in this long process is to engrave the Val Saint Lambert signature onto each piece, proving that it is genuine Val Saint Lambert crystal.